Normally I don't do this but this is for you Stan "The man" Lee.

First of all I took these back at Nashville Comic Con 2017. A little known fact or dream I had: Was that I always wanted to meet My Hero; at least one of them. I did, never got anything signed by him but me an my brother was able to meet him.... When I found out that he died all I could do is (I know this might sound weird and fucked up but I'm not going to lie to you all) I smiled.

I smiled in joy knowing he wasn't in anymore pain or suffering from the lost of his wife that now he could be happy. I'm not saying I am not in any pain cause to be honest with you; It does hurt to know someone you looked up to, is now gone, not coming back. when I should have read my bible for answers I turned to him and his stories, other as well. He along with Jack Kirby, Steve D. , John R. Senior, etc. Was able to until all walks of life, time under one idea that "there's good in all of us, no matter what we do make a diffidence in this world and the next one."

So Stan Lee this is to you and all the good you've done for gens to come. Thank you and Rest In Peace.

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